What is Magic Email, how to write a Magic Email.

Magic email is also known as close the loop email. It is useful for business owners who have a sales process. You might have some prospects who have shown interest in your services, you probably have had meetings or discussions with them and even sent a proposal. Then they have gone cold on you by […]

6 Features a Business Website Should Have

The importance of having a website for your business cannot be over emphasized. A website can add lots of value and go a long way in helping a business achieve its goals. Some benefits of a business website include projecting a good online presence, driving traffic and increasing sales. We explained better in a previous […]

Why Your Business Needs a Website in 2019 [Infographic]

Having a professional website for your business in 2019 can provide immense value to your business. If you are still in doubt about having a website, here are 5 reasons to convince you on how establishing an online presence with a website will help your business grow and contribute towards achieving your business objectives. To […]

What Is Https and 3 Reasons Why Your Business Website Needs An SSL Certificate?

What Is Https 3 ReasWhy Your Business Website Needs An SSL Certificate

What is Https? Https means HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, while Http is HyperText Transfer Protocol. Https is the secure version of Http. Http refers to the procedure by which information is shared between websites, servers and browsers. The S in Https refers to the security and assurance that visitors to a website have their information […]

How Design Can Impact Your Business Revenue

Graph of Revenue

The reasons for having a website include to improve your online presence, generate more leads, and convert visits to sales. Having a website helps to drive traffic, create interest and earn more revenue for the business. When users are looking to buy or research, websites often give them their first impression for brands. 48% of […]

Why Your Business Website Needs to be Redesigned

Website Redesign

A website is the first point of contact with your company. A business website is the most important element in online marketing and is even more vital than the business social media profiles. Your website showcases the uniqueness and integrity of your brand and convinces people to patronize you. According to a Missouri University Study, […]